As a highly-experienced Wisconsin based Photographer, Brian creates dynamic visual content for established and emerging brands including corporate head shots, lifestyle, product, food and advertising photography. With an exceptional experience for detail, Brian's work has been published in annual reports, sales brochures as well as countless of websites and magazines.

- My Experience -

Brian Taylor is a celebrated photographer in Wisconsin. He is the president of the company as well as the head photographer. He has won several awards and has been published numerous times. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1997. He spent five years at Footlocker.com producing lifestyle images for advertising and catalogs. Brian's passion for taking photos started at a very young age. With studying, perseverance, and practice he has become a professional self-taught photographer. Some of the great photographers that have influenced his work are: Monte Zucker, John Shaw and Will Crocket . Thank you for taking the time to view Brian's work.